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Booking Info

We are now booking Michele and the band for “Team Worship”.

Michele and the band lead worship seminars and would love to come to your church to help bring your team to the next level, or to help get a worship team started in your church.

We work with all churches and all budgets, really!

 “Hidden Message Artist”

Award-winning artist creates a beautiful painting while Michele sings.  Later, the “hidden message” the artist has also included in the painting will be revealed to the audience.

The “Hidden Message Artist”, is available for some of Michele’s concerts.  Many congregations and audiences have enjoyed the extra excitement of watching an artist create a painting during part of the concert while Michele is singing.  There is a very wonderful “bonus” at the end.  A “hidden message” the artist created during the process of painting is revealed under special lighting.  It is a moving moment and conveys a wonderful message.

This special addition to the concert requires darkness. An auditorium or sanctuary that can be darkened is necessary in order for the hidden message to be revealed.

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