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Kosciusko County Jail Gig

Posted by on Jan 17, 2014

Once again Michele and two of the band members were able to head into the jail and minister to the inmates.  It was a long night arriving at 4:30 and finishing up around 9:30 but worth every minute.  Michele, Rod, and Chris felt a little unsure without a drummer but the inmates appreciated their efforts with rousing applause, and some tears on the tender testimony moments. It was so much fun to see some of the improvements to the jail, made to the “chapel” room where you see the band in these pictures.  More of the walls had been painted and a new screen and projector had been added to the room.  It was so exciting to see that the work of John Boren (who is now serving up in heaven) has continued and the new jail pastor is just as sweet and passionate about the inmates!  It is no surprise how God works…..we went in intending to encourage and uplift and that is what happened to us!...

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